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Shopkick is a mobile app founded in 2009 that offers users rewards for shopping activities both online and in-store. By providing incentives such as gift cards, discounts, and exclusive deals, Shopkick aims to drive foot traffic to retail partners and enhance the overall shopping experience for consumers.

Client Requirements

Shopkick approached our mobile app development team with the following requirements

  • Develop a user-friendly mobile app compatible with iOS and Android platforms.

  • Implement location-based technology to detect when users visit participating stores.

  • Integrate with partner retailers' systems to reward users for various shopping activities, such as scanning products, making purchases, and watching videos.

  • Provide a seamless and intuitive user experience with personalised recommendations and rewards.

Key Features


Users earn "kicks" (points) for walking into participating stores, scanning products, and making purchases.


Tailored recommendations and promotions based on user preferences and shopping behaviour.


Partnerships with a wide range of retailers across various categories, offering users a diverse selection of rewards and deals.


Users can redeem kicks for gift cards, discounts, or other rewards from partner brands.


Integration with social media platforms for users to share their shopping experiences and invite friends to join the app.


Challenges, contests, and bonus opportunities to engage users and incentivize continued usage.


Integration Complexity: Integrating with various retailer systems and APIs to accurately track user activities and reward redemption.

User Adoption: Encouraging users to download and actively use the app, especially in crowded markets with competing rewards programs.

Privacy Concerns: Addressing user privacy concerns related to location tracking and data collection, while still providing personalised experiences.

Technical Scalability: Ensuring the app can handle a large user base and heavy traffic during peak shopping seasons without sacrificing performance.


Streamlined Integration: Leveraged robust backend infrastructure and APIs to streamline integration with partner retailers' systems and ensure accurate tracking of user activities.

User Engagement Strategies: Implemented gamification elements, personalised offers, and social sharing features to increase user engagement and retention.

Transparency and Consent: Provided clear explanations of data usage and rewards program terms to users, along with options to control privacy settings and opt-out of certain tracking features.

Scalable Architecture: Designed a scalable architecture using cloud services and distributed systems to accommodate growth and maintain performance under load.


  • Mobile Platforms: Flutter

  • Backend: Express.js

  • Database: MongoDB

  • Cloud Services: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Location Services: Geofencing and Beacon technology

  • Authentication: OAuth

  • Payment Processing: Integration with partner APIs for reward redemption